The Art of Letting Go - Creative Guidance with Clody Cates

The Art of Letting Go  – a one-on-one art workshop designed to inspire, nurture, and rejuvenate your artistic spirit.
I am Clody Cates, and as a seasoned artist and skilled guide in both personal and professional development, I'm here to help you break through any creative blocks, explore new artistic mediums, or take the first steps towards realizing your artistic dreams, especially if fear or self-doubt has held you back.

In our personalized sessions together, I will encourage you to push beyond your own boundaries and explore your creativity in a supportive and judgment-free environment. Whether you're looking to overcome a creative block, dive into a new medium, or simply start your artistic journey, my approach is designed to help you connect deeply with your inner artist.

Drawing on my extensive experience as an artist who finds beauty in the mundane, I use my intuitive understanding to help you see potential in everything including in yourself. My belief that no experience is inherently good or bad, but simply is, serves as the foundation for fostering a space where you can freely express, experiment, and evolve.

Join me to discover the transformative power of art and leave empowered to continue exploring your creativity with confidence. The Art of Letting Go is more than just a workshop—it's your gateway to discovering the boundless possibilities within you.

Ready to explore your creative potential?
Click the link below to book a free 30-minute introductory session. This initial meeting is a perfect opportunity for us to discover if we're the right fit for each other. It's important to note that this session is ideal for those who are committed to a deep, introspective journey and are willing to actively engage in the work required for personal growth. Thank you for considering embarking on this transformative path with me.
Talk soon, Clody.

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Click here to book a free 30 mins intro session

Should you choose to further pursue your journey of self-exploration with me beyond our introductory session, regular sessions are available in various length depending on your needs and goals.

- 1.5 hours - Talk session - $200
- Half a day - Hands-on creative - $400
- Full day - Hands-on creative - $700

Sessions are available in both English & French

*** The proceeds from my sticker sales enable me to provide a sliding scale for those in different financial situations. Additionally, each month, I offer a free session to one individual facing hardships.
Please email the details of your situation and your number for a prompt discussion on how we can work together ***

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