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Run by Clody Cates, GiftyKitty Studio hosts an array of workshops that encourage participants to unlock their creative potential and discover new skills in a supportive and inspiring environment.
Whether you're an aspiring artist, a seasoned creator, or simply curious about exploring various art forms, our studio offers the perfect setting to get creative and connect with like-minded individuals.

Clody Cates

Artist, Guide & Entrepreneur - Creator & Co-Owner of GiftyKitty

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Current & Future Workshops

Explore the many creative workshops options offered by local artists

Arts & Cats

Making art in the company of cats & kittens ready to become your forever best friend!

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Fairy Lanterns

A two weekend workshop - Learn to make your very own whimsical fairy lantern - with Tiffany Barr & Clody

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Memorial Art Workshop

Healing two-hour personalized memorial art keepsakes workshop - with Enid Traisman

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The Art of Letting Go

Unlock your creativity - one-on-one with Clody

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  • GiftyKitty

    The most whimsical cat-themed art & gift shop in the world. Eco-minded and supporting over 100 local & international artist & small businesses.
    Designed & created by Clody Cates to bring more joy into this world.
    Visit at:
    3719 N Mississippi avenue
    Portland OR 97227

  • GiftyKitty Studio

    A collective studio space where infinite creativity can be unleashed. The space is hosting various monthly art workshops and events.
    We also offers studio time for artists, special projects, and workshops & classes teaching.

    A space to express your ideas:

    GiftyKitty Studio - Clody Cates

  • Tiffany Barr

    Tiffany Barr is a witch, an artist and a therapist. In her world, magic, healing, and creating are all one and the same. When she isn’t seeing clients in her private practice or making magic with her family, she is creating fantasy worlds and quirky characters in her art studio. Tiffany is currently working on her first illustrated book series, which will showcase all of her whimsical creations to the world.

  • Enid Traisman

    Glass artist & grief counselor, and pioneer in the field of pet loss support. She is also the author of the book: My Pet Remembrance Journal
    A journal created to help grieving pet owners remember their beloved companion animals.

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