open your i - personal coaching with Clody Cates

Feeling stuck, or simply eager for a significant transformation?
My unique guided approach is designed for individuals eager to make progress in their personal and professional lives. As an intuitive catalyst and guide and practical psychologist, I'm here to help you forge a deeper connection with your true self, unlock your inherent power, and unleash your creativity.

In addition, whether you're grappling with addiction, self-destructive habits, or the aftermath of childhood trauma, I can specially tailor our sessions to offer the support you need to let go and grow.

You possess everything required for internal change; consider me a beacon of light illuminating your path to self-discovery. My role is to guide you in recognizing and harnessing your inner strengths and capabilities, facilitating a journey of transformation that is both profound and lasting.

Interested in embarking on this transformative journey? Click the link below for a free 30-minute introductory session. This is a chance for us to determine if we are the right match for one another. Please note, that this opportunity is best suited for those ready to commit to a deep, introspective journey and prepared to actively engage in the work necessary for personal growth. Thank you for considering this path to self-enhancement.
Talk soon, Clody.

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Click here to book a free 30 mins intro session

Should you choose to further pursue your journey of self-exploration with me beyond our introductory session, regular sessions are available. These sessions last 1.5 hours and are priced at $200.

Sessions are available in both English & French

*** The proceeds from my sticker sales enable me to provide a sliding scale for those in different financial situations. Additionally, each month, I offer a free session to one individual facing hardships.
Please email the details of your situation and your number for a prompt discussion on how we can work together ***


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